luni, 25 aprilie 2016

Yet About Need For Speed

Need for Speed, also known by gamers as NFS represent a video racing game developed by Electronic Arts. The first game was launched in 1994. It's title comes from a famous quote from the 1986 film Top Gun. Today it seems that Need for Speed is the most successful racing video game series in the world and online of the most successful vide game franchises as well. If you want to give a try to the latest version get ready for an amazing journey.

 No Limits - this is the name of the latest game, just released. If you want to play, you can go ahead and do that any time you want. The game is amazing and the cars are ready to accelerate as much as you want. It is going to be an exciting ride for all of us. Come on !

joi, 21 aprilie 2016

A small retrospective - Do you remember ?

Need For Speed Porsche

This version of the games was released in 2000 in Europe and it was a big hit. Need for Speed Porchase editions was certainly a very good game at that time. It was the fifth game of the series and it as exclusively focused on Prosche cars. Are you interested ? Of course it is no longer actual to play it, however, if you like you may watch some videos with it. Or if you can find it somewhere to download you may also try it as well. 

marți, 12 aprilie 2016

Some Need For Speed Videos

Hy Everyone !

I have prepared a small list with some of the best videos I found on youtube regarding Need for Speed game. Watch them when you have some spare time, and see if you can learn something from them. This game is definitely the best one in it's class.

Some Tips And Tips about Need for Speed

Get More Nitrous

marți, 5 aprilie 2016


Need for speed also known as NFS (shortly name) is a legendary game. It's name also represent an open invitation for every one of us to come online and to play as many missions as we can afford to.

Do you have time to get bored ? You wont have this chance anymore with Candy Crash Saga. This game, with it's infinite gaming levels is going to fill out all our free time for good. It is easy and also pleasant to play it.

Almost all the games in NFS series are based on the same fundamental and similar gaming mechanisms. The players needs to control many and different race cars. Of course, as usual the goal is to win the race. There are many modes of playing. In tournament mode, the gamer needs to win a series of races in order to unlock more vehicles, more nitro and also to make more money as well. This is the challenge. As faster we go as more money we are going to make. Before each race gamers have the option to select either an automatic of manual transmission.

We can split the screen and also we can choose our car viewport exactly as we want. So far, there have been 22 games released in this series.

Now all of us can enjoy playing need for speed at home. Gaming console or powerful personal computers are not so expensive any more. Thus we can play any game we want, whenever we want. Go get all your online gaming promotions. It is extremely easy and pleasant to be come a super winner today.

luni, 21 martie 2016

Beginners Tips And Tricks

Travel extremely fast everywhere

Push the "D" keyboard to bring up the map, chose a race by hitting A or X. Once you're done, you need to find the "teleport" optiong in order to jump to the new location.

Learn The Map

Just in case you are being followed by Police, it is good to know where you can hide. This is why it is always a good idea to spend about 10 minutes learning what type of gaming styles are the best.

Hunt For Parts

Collect pick up parts as you see them, especially when you're low on cash and need to upgrade car for free. 

Collect The Parts

Once you are in the garage check your inbox by clicking any of the cars you own and you are going straight to Parts Inbox. You will see your collected parts and you will see which of them work with which cars.

Replay races for quick cash

Select some races you have already played and teleport there. For or five races can bring you enough extra cash.

Always Choose Nitrous

Whenever you are doing an upgrade, always look to buy some nitrous. There are two types of nitrous. One that fills overtime and one that fills if you're drifting.

Drift Or Grip

You need to decide what type of player you are.

Always Buy A Better Car

Whenever you can afford to do so, consider buying a better car since only so you can complete your missions in time.

luni, 14 martie 2016

Why Need For Speed

 Requires an internet connection

The team that is building the game has spend a lot of time looking into the past. Therefore they have tried to keep good things and also to make them even better. The latest version of the games works only online. For some people this might be a good thing while for the others this might not be such a good thing. Anyway, it seems that the future is online so we have to accept this as well.

From now on we just have to make sure that we are connected to the internet in order to be able to play our game ..

The Games Is Getting Rebooted

In order to differentiate this new game from past titles, EA and Ghost Games are calling this new game a reboot of the series. 

The team felt that the franchise no longer had a straight role with consumers. Simply that, the team wanted something new for this new episode.

If you ask some one about Need for Speed you might get a million different answers. This is why the team considered that it is now the time to have something new.

Are you ready for a rebooted Need for Speed game ?

Let's never forget to have some entertainment in our life as well, besides work of course !

duminică, 13 martie 2016

Need For Speed

Get To Know The Best Action Games

Whenever you are in the mood of playing some thing nice and also if you have a play station or a powerful personal computer, than you can always choose to play Need For Speed. It is an exciting games where you can actually drive a car, or many more into an incredible race. 

The need for speed series is certainly a very good one. It is a permanent challenge for players due to the fact that almost all the time we can have new roads and also new challenges availables. It is something like an chameleon. We have to escape from police and also we have to know how to make drifts in order to win the games. 

 The game of course it is far from perfect, however it is a very good one and probably we are going to love to play it all the time. 

Of course the sounds are amazing and also the graphics is excellent as well. For now we are only making an small introduction here. Pretty soon we will post more exciting things about this game. 

For need for speed 2016 you might need an Nvidia GTX 970 and of course an I5 or even better an I7 Intel CPU. As better is the system that we have, as more frame rates we can have. 

Please watch the trailer below and also do not forget to come back here in order to find out many more news about this amazing games.